How to Move Away from the "Summer Body" Goal

If you’re like me, you’re a “I need practical steps to do what you’re telling me I need to do” kind of person. I can read and research something all I want, but what I really love are some step by step ways to put into practice what I’m reading about. So, if you read my post about having a summer body, here is a follow-up to that post with practical things to do to help you get to a place of appreciating your all-seasons body.

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Having a Summer Body

It’s around this time of year that everyone starts acting like there is some sort of countdown to the first day of summer and if you don’t have a perfect body by then, you’re screwed. Like now they have to really stick to their diet, now they have to get serious about their workout plan.

Why does each season warrant a different body? Why is it that as soon as we have to wear a bathing suit, we all of a sudden don’t deserve to eat the way we’ve been eating since the fall?

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How I Grocery Shop

How do I plan my groceries while keeping budget, convenience, and intuitive eating in mind? This is a question I often get asked as a dietitian, and I also just think it’s a fun thing to talk about with people. Everyone grocery shops differently and I think all different ways have their benefits. This is just the way I choose to plan and shop, but if this isn’t how you like to do it, no problem! Stick with what works for you.

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